2019 Resolution: Be More Present

Cathy Olig's New Years Resolution video

A New Year is an exciting new beginning. It’s full of promise. There are resolutions, goals, and predictions about what the year will hold.

I especially liked this round-up of 10+ Marketing Predictions for 2019 from Top Marketers. Everything from voice search, video, social media platforms, to augmented reality, data privacy, and even email marketing are mentioned in this article.

Social Media Examiner 10+Marketing Predictions for 2019

While there is a LOT to learn and digest from these top marketers, a few key quotes stood out, such as this excerpt from Mark Schaefer:

” In 2019, it’s time to take social media marketing back from the IT department and drive a truly human-centered approach to our customer relations….

2019 is the year we start putting the “social” back in social media.”

– Mark Schaefer

Similarly, I recently attended an AMA (American Marketing Association) event that hosted a panel of experts, and three takeaways that always ring true for marketers are:

  • Be authentic – be human and real. Your marketing / videos need not all be super stylized or perfect.
  • Invest in good content – don’t pay to promote content that is just mediocre.
  • Keep testing & learning – reserve some of your marketing budget to test new technology.

In the spirit of connecting more in the digital space, following the advice of top marketers, and tackling my own goals of creating unique, authentic (not perfect) content, I decided to create a video that shares my 2019 resolution instead of simply typing my resolution into this blog post.

Take one minute to watch my video (yes, it’s only one minute), and let me know what you think!

What 2019 resolutions have you created? Are you trying to be more present or be more social on social media this year? Comment below, and let me know.