2021 Goals

2021 Goals Appeal Marketing

Since we made it through 2020 (hooray), I hope we are already going after our 2021 goals. 

If goals sound a little too daunting, that’s okay, settle for movement in a positive direction to improve upon 2020.  I think smaller targets, or whatever feels more palatable is perfectly acceptable. Prioritize progress over perfection, right?

In past years, I’ve talked about my goals on my blog as well 

Many of those past goals remain. I have done better at putting my phone down and being more focused on family time.  At one point last year, I could feel my thumb getting sore from too much scrolling and activating my phone screen.  It was time to stop!  

Connection Matters

Given all of the social distancing of 2020, I am focused on connecting with others – colleagues, family, and friends on a regular basis. This means picking up the phone, hopping on Zoom calls, writing emails, sending handwritten notes, and commenting on social media posts.  

During the pandemic, I’ve been calling my mom more often, and it’s been fun to check-in more often. While I was on the phone with her earlier this week, my husband told me that he could hear me guffawing from his “office” (our bedroom) upstairs. He was right – she does make me laugh, so of course, it’s fun to talk more often. We could all stand to laugh more, right? 

It’s part of knowing yourself, as well.  For example, I know that being part of a project team, committee, and board are things that I enjoy, so that’s something I will continue.  

Things to Celebrate in 2021

One project that I’m excited about is launching early literacy resources, or brain bags at the end of January. I have created a communications checklist to help monitor our promotion.  As a committee, we’ll track results and keep on communicating to spread the word and increase distribution. 

Brain Bag promotion Menomonee Falls
Menomonee Falls Brain Bag contents

Non-profit goals for 2021

As I reflected on my client work, I realized that some of my most enjoyable projects are those that serve non-profit organizations. It’s thrilling to know that my communications and marketing efforts help draw attention to and raise funds for important causes. 

 My 2021 goal is to work with more clients in the nonprofit sector. 

My Why, to bring people together to create something even better, remains the same. 

I’ll continue to team up with others to help continuously improve their work to advance their missions and goals, while being actively involved in my community.

Your turn – how are you approaching 2021 and goal setting? What progress are you working to make this year?