Why we exist

To bring people together so that we can help one another create something even better.

How we operate

  • Inspire action: rally people around a project or cause
  • Build teams: bring people together, utilizing the best skills of each individual. Together we’re better
  • Do the right thing: when no one’s watching, make the decision that provides the most help and the best end result
  • Be kind, respectful and positive
  • Work hard: do what’s needed to get the job done well and on time

Who we help

If your organization is big enough to grow, but not big enough to have its own marketing department, we can help. Many of our clients have great marketing ideas, but just not enough staff to follow-through and implement those ideas.

Our Story

Cathy Olig, Appeal Marketing Founder
Cathy Olig, Appeal Marketing Founder and Owner

After working in marketing at Fortune 500 companies and a mid-sized manufacturer, Cathy Olig helped a small business owner establish and manage marketing efforts as a part-time employee. This role inspired Appeal Marketing because many small businesses don’t need a full-time marketer. Small business owners end up trying to “do marketing and communications”​ themselves, which in reality means a number of things:

  • Marketing doesn’t get done
  • Marketing efforts are delayed
  • Marketing is inconsistent
  • Customers don’t hear from the company as much
  • Another employee is squeezing in time for marketing when they can get to it

As a result, sales and customers can be lost, and business can suffer. That’s where Appeal Marketing can help.

Meet Cathy Olig

Marketer who is a thinker, planner, and do-er.

Experience working in marketing at businesses of all sizes, from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses and non-profits since early 2000. Broad range of industry and channel experience under the titles of director of marketing, channel marketing manager, marketing consultant, marketing specialist and marketing coordinator.

View Cathy’s LinkedIn profile for more details.

Education: UW-Madison, BBA 2003 with majors in Marketing and German, Certificate in International Business

Outside of work, she bears titles of Mom, school board member, dedicated community and church volunteer, and event planner.

Aligning Marketing with Your Business

Knowledge of multiple industries and channels helps us understand your business more quickly and align marketing efforts with your team.

Industry Experience:
  • Automotive
  • Education
  • Electrical Products
  • Engine Powered Equipment
  • Plastic Packaging
  • Promotional Products
  • Non-profits

Channel Experience:
    • Dealer
    • Electrical Wholesale: WESCO
    • E-commerce: Amazon, Wayfair
    • Retail: Home Depot, Menards, Northern Tool, Grainger
    • Home Builder
    • Government
    • STAFDA