5 Year Look-back: How I Right-sized My Work

Cathy Olig celebrates 5 years in business

YES!! I made it to five years in business! Many businesses fail in the first five years. I am still around, celebrating with a cupcake with my family, as it has become a tradition. It was a good decision to start Appeal Marketing when my kids were five and seven years old. Now at ages […]

A Marketing Coordinator is like the Best Duct Tape

Marketing Coordinator is like the best duct tape

“Cathy, you are the duct tape for us.” That’s what a client told me at their big recognition event. It was so sweet to hear. I’m glad to help their all-volunteer board with ongoing marketing support for several years now. I am like duct tape, like the best duct tape. As the marketing coordinator for […]

How are YOU doing? Mid-year check-in

How are YOU doing?! It’s time for a mid-year check-in! I’m looking back on my personal goals and I am enjoying spending time with others. I am connecting with colleagues, clients, family and friends in real life, on the phone, and on video calls. You can’t beat the convenience and productivity of video calls, so […]

Hooray for 4 Years in Business

Cathy Olig celebrates 4 years of Appeal Marketing

Hooray for 4 years in business!  A lot has changed in the past year, and I am feeling more optimistic and happy overall in 2021. Here’s a look back at my last business anniversary celebration When I think back to four years ago, when I submitted paperwork for my LLC, I remember feeling nervous and […]

2021 Goals

2021 Goals Appeal Marketing

Since we made it through 2020 (hooray), I hope we are already going after our 2021 goals.  If goals sound a little too daunting, that’s okay, settle for movement in a positive direction to improve upon 2020.  I think smaller targets, or whatever feels more palatable is perfectly acceptable. Prioritize progress over perfection, right? In […]

Being the Light: Holiday Wishes

Candle image, Being the Light

I love the imagery and concept of “being the light.” It’s so appropriate for this holiday season and time of Covid-19. Side note: I am proud to be part of the team that developed the copy and candle imagery for the Greater Menomonee Falls Foundation’s appeal campaign. And it’s not just about giving money; it’s […]

How to Build a Better Marketing Budget

Build a Better Marketing Budget Appeal Marketing

How can I build a better marketing budget? How much should I spend on my marketing? These are common questions that I hear in marketing planning conversations. There’s not an easy answer to this question. I often say, “Well, it depends.” Let me explain – in general, there are three common ways to approach marketing […]

Your 2021 Marketing Roadmap: How to Get Started

2021 Marketing Roadmap

It can be intimidating to start creating your 2021 marketing roadmap. There are A LOT of options available and many tactics to consider: website, email marketing, blogs, videos, social media, video, photos, SEO, PPC, content marketing, direct mail, trade shows, events, advertising, directory listings, printed material, brochures…the list is seemingly endless. Where to start? I […]

5 Reasons Why a Pro Should Re-design your Website

Appeal Marketing's new site, why a Pro should re-design your site

The digital space is ever-changing, which is why it is more important than ever to have a pro re-design your website. I have experienced the benefits of working with a professional firsthand, on both client projects and for this website, Appeal Marketing. I’ll explain this more in detail, so read on. Top Reasons to Work […]

Marketing Helps a Growing Firm

An area transportation and logistics company poised for growth wanted to know how marketing could help their business.  The trucking and third party logistics industry is an incredibly competitive industry, so it’s difficult to find ways to stand out.   Through an introduction from a trusted connection, Greg reached out to Cathy Olig at Appeal Marketing.  […]