Building a Better Non-profit Brand Identity

Appeal Marketing Brand Identity Case Study

“I didn’t know you did that!” 

Have you heard that statement before?  If so, did it make you step back and think about your organization’s strategy and branding?  

Branding Story of a Small Non-Profit

Menomonee Falls Library Friends, a small, non-profit organization, had been doing a lot of work to enhance library programming, but many patrons did not know that they existed.

The Library Friends had low brand awareness and  inconsistent visuals. 

Identifying Needs 

Emily, a Library Friends board member, recognized the need to engage the creative services of an outside provider to help improve their image.  She stressed to fellow board members the importance of “investing in themselves” to lay a foundation for future growth.  The board and Executive Director of the Menomonee Falls Public Library agreed with this initiative. 

Since they wanted to work with a local professional, Emily reached out to Cathy Olig, owner of Appeal Marketing. They met as a group to discuss the Library Friends current situation and review a branding questionnaire to start work on the new visual identity. 

Design Stage

Katie, Appeal Marketing’s graphic designer took the branding questionnaire results and worked her magic to create several concepts for the board to review.  The group was impressed with the initial design concepts. 

Since it can be challenging to visualize how the logo will look in use, Appeal Marketing prepared a brochure concept with each logo. The look and feel of each brochure helped the board see how the logo would inform the rest of the brochure’s design. The Library Friends provided the desired written content and photography.

Through feedback and discussion, the group selected the winning logo and brochure design:

Imagery of work done for Menomonee Falls Library Friends

As a final step, Cathy met with the Library Friends board to review the draft of the brochure and present several bookmark concepts.  Together they carefully reviewed the content and chose a final bookmark design. 

When asked about working with Appeal Marketing, a board member shared: 

“The variety of creative options offered at each step of the design was highly impressive and beyond our expectations. Very professional and responsive services. Great work all around!”

Library Friends Board Member

Building a Stronger Brand

After working with Appeal Marketing, the Library Friends group is well-positioned for future growth. The brochure helps effectively tell their story and promotes joining or donating to Library Friends. 

Cathy and Katie enjoyed contributing to the work of Library Friends.  They were thrilled to receive this feedback from another board member:

“Appeal Marketing exceeded our expectations across the board. We are extremely pleased with the design services and creativity afforded to our rebrand project.”