Business is a Team Sport

Appeal Marketing: Business is a team sport

It’s the fourth quarter and basketball season, which made me think that business is a team sport. It’s game time to finish the year strong and put plans in place for 2020.

Are you ready to rumble?

Cathy Olig in her senior year high school basketball uniform.

Back in the ’90s

I’m flashing back to my basketball playing days in high school. I played varsity basketball for three years and was co-captain of my team for two years. As a small forward, I considered myself a sort of utility player for the team: I could play whatever role they needed, an off guard running the baseline or a post player. I played strong defense and liked boxing out to grab rebounds. I knew my teammates, some had been teammates for almost seven years, so I could anticipate their moves and be in the right place at the right time to score a bucket or make a pass. I LOVED my high school basketball team!

How is your team?

Similarly, in my current role as a marketing consultant, I work to understand your team. Do you have the right players in the right positions? How well does your team work together? Do you have any ball hogs? How deep is your bench?

With time and experience, our team learned to make a pass and work together for the best shot. The right process, tools, and practice can help make a team more productive and successful.

Do you need cross-training or additional specialists to keep up with your competition?

Finding the right team members is a common struggle these days.  As a jack-of-all-trades marketer, I can provide insight from past work experience in companies of all sizes and bring together talented web developers, graphic designers, and digital marketers to enhance your current team. 

Insight from a new coach

Do you need a marketing coach to give your team direction? I coach solo-marketers and business owners on marketing planning to help improve your numbers and make the right calls to win more games or business deals.

Does your marketing need a full-court press at times for a special promotion or event?

At the end of the game, when stakes were high, my high school coach would frequently take a time-out to pause, give feedback, and draw up a new play that would lead to better results.  I can help provide an outside perspective to help your team do the same.  

Get in the game

In marketing, there are countless options available to plan, communicate, and promote.  It can be overwhelming, but we recommend that you get in the game – just start.  Try something and track results, knowing you can make up a new play, re-arrange players, and call in a sub or specialist as needed.

I’m here, as a utility player / jack-of-all-trades marketer, when you need me. Simply give me a call, and I’ll bound off the bench, ready to assist and fill in to support your team so you can finish strong.