A Marketing Coordinator is like the Best Duct Tape

Marketing Coordinator is like the best duct tape

“Cathy, you are the duct tape for us.” That’s what a client told me at their big recognition event. It was so sweet to hear. I’m glad to help their all-volunteer board with ongoing marketing support for several years now. I am like duct tape, like the best duct tape. As the marketing coordinator for […]

Maximize Content Creation from Events

Since event planning can take a lot of time, it’s critical to find ways to maximize content creation from events. What does this mean in its simplest form? Find a way to document and record your event participation: take pictures, jot down notes, shoot a live video, and monitor what other people are saying about […]

Fun & Effective Branding and Promotion

Green Bay Packers National Donut Day

June 2nd is National Donut Day! Who doesn’t love a donut?  I happened to run across #NationalDonutDay in my Twitter feed, and I was completely amused by all of the brands and people talking about it. It was certainly a trending topic. Effective Branding Dunkin Donuts effectively promoted and tweeted throughout the day, offering a […]