Don’t Wait – Just Create

Dont Wait Just Create Appeal Marketing Blog post

Don’t wait – just create. That has a nice ring to it, right? Haven’t we all experienced this? Getting that first draft of anything started can be a tall order. It’s easy to set aside daunting tasks, writing included. Procrastinating, however, does not make a difficult task any easier. Just start. Start writing. Start creating. […]

Three Marketing To-Dos in a Downturn

Three Marketing To-Dos in a Downturn Appeal Marketing

Without a doubt, we are living in turbulent times.  Businesses are either closed, partially open with a low- to no-contact delivery model, or operating with a remote workforce and some on-site employees. A return to normal will eventually occur, but it is uncertain as to when or how that will happen. One thing is certain: […]

Maximize Content Creation from Events

Since event planning can take a lot of time, it’s critical to find ways to maximize content creation from events. What does this mean in its simplest form? Find a way to document and record your event participation: take pictures, jot down notes, shoot a live video, and monitor what other people are saying about […]

Business is a Team Sport

Appeal Marketing: Business is a team sport

It’s the fourth quarter and basketball season, which made me think that business is a team sport. It’s game time to finish the year strong and put plans in place for 2020. Are you ready to rumble? Back in the ’90s I’m flashing back to my basketball playing days in high school. I played varsity […]

Thankful for my First Client

Thankful for my first client

LinkedIn informed me that it has been three years since I started supporting my first client, the Greater Menomonee Falls Foundation. Looking back, I am so thankful for my first client because, at the time, I wasn’t sure that I wanted to start my own business. Just one client gave me the confidence to forge […]

Why I Celebrate Manufacturing

Why Cathy Olig celebrates manufacturing

It’s October and along with everything Halloween and Pumpkin Spice, it’s also time to celebrate Manufacturing Month in our great state.  Did you know that Wisconsin is among the top ten states for manufacturing? We’re home to 17 major manufacturing companies including Briggs & Stratton, Harley-Davidson, Johnson Controls, Kohler, Menasha Corp., Oshkosh Corp., Quad, Rockwell, […]

Hire an Expert: 3 Quick Tips for Small Business

Hire an Expert: 3 Quick Tips

Have you ever come to the realization that you just don’t have the time or expertise to accomplish something and just need to hire an expert? I did recently. The white vinyl siding on our house was dirty – gross me out dirty.  Last summer, I tried washing it myself with some cleaning fluid and […]

What’s your Why?

Cathy Olig's Video My Why

I may be a little late to the party, but I took some time to check out Simon Sinek and his TED talk at the urging of my mentor. I worked through the book Find your Why to come up with my why, or mission. This involved reflecting on my life, and coming up with […]

Lessons from the Polar Vortex

Lessons from the Polar Vortex

When you’re cooped up inside, you have more time to reflect on lessons from the Polar Vortex. Cathy recently recorded a quick one minute video sharing how she not only survived the Polar Vortex at home with her kids for a few days, but also managed to keep important work moving forward. If you marketing […]

Marketing Lessons from Girl Scouts

Girl Scout Cookie Order Form 2018

As a parent, I’m in the middle of girl scout cookie selling season, and I couldn’t help but come up with a few marketing lessons from the girl scouts. I’ve had some good conversations with my Brownie aged daughter, and I can tell that she is definitely learning from cookie sales. Limited Time Offer One […]