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Drastic situations can often help change your perspective. They can help you re-evaluate, and reconsider what is most important at a specific time.

I have experienced such a drastic situation most recently and even throughout the pandemic.

We all have, right?

My Drastic Situation: A Home Emergency

What happened: kitchen pipes burst overnight, flooding two rooms on our first floor and spilling into our finished basement, ruining the drop ceiling, and soaking the carpet. It was a nightmare that no homeowner wishes to experience. I have to admit – I had times of tears that day.

But we are fortunate for so many reasons.

Our trusted plumber came over within an hour to make necessary repairs. We have homeowner’s insurance. We called our insurance company and found a water restoration company available on a Sunday to suck out the water and run loud dehumidifiers.

Because it was a sunny day, we could move things outside to dry out. My sister in law came over to help, bringing buckets, an extra-large shop vac, and picking up lunch for us. We are fortunate to have family members who live only minutes away.

Since our home has enough space to use our garage and other areas, we could move furniture and plastic bins away from affected areas. We could move the downstairs tv to a living room on the first floor. Our co-working and co-learning space could shift from our dining room and to our bedrooms.

Appeal Marketing's co-working space in a master bedroom
Co-working space in our master bedroom

The Silver Lining: Lessons Learned

Life went on. We carried on with work, school, and family time.

It reminded me that we can do hard things. We come from hearty, resilient stock. My grandparents were dairy farmers – and farming, well, now that was hard work! In comparison, our lives are quite easy and comfortable. We are very blessed.

While a week of fans and dehumidifiers running loudly and crowding our kitchen was tough, we found a way to manage. And now the quiet that we enjoy in our home is so much sweeter. I am much more keenly aware of and can truly savor the quiet.

We adapted to make things more tolerable. We ate outside on our patio, grilled out, and picked up take-out from local restaurants. We took a short road trip to meet my parents for take-out at a restaurant with our favorite fish fry. It was not too bad.

Applying a New Perspective to Business

What have you learned about yourself and your business during times of drastic change?

Maybe you have stayed the course or shifted your work. Perhaps your team has rallied together to carry on.

As described above, times of change can force you to prioritize and re-evaluate.

Immediately, we shut off the water to prevent more flooding. What immediate steps can you take to make your business better?

Next, we focused on clean-up. What processes or areas could use some improvement in your workplace?

Also, we relied on the help of experts to set things right. Drastic change calls for drastic measures, and there is no reason to go at it alone. In especially troubling times, rely on trusted experts for unique perspectives and ideas. Talk with your staff, interview your best customers, and tap into your networking groups for support.

View from my new workstation Appeal Marketing
View from my new workstation

I’m Here to Help

If you find yourself looking for another perspective for your team as you consider your next move, please let me know how I can assist.

I am happy to offer advice on marketing strategy, planning, communication, and promotion, or be a sounding board at times too.

I have certainly learned that we truly need support and help from others to make our lives and work more manageable and enjoyable.

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