How are YOU doing? Mid-year check-in

How are YOU doing?! It’s time for a mid-year check-in!

I’m looking back on my personal goals and I am enjoying spending time with others. I am connecting with colleagues, clients, family and friends in real life, on the phone, and on video calls. You can’t beat the convenience and productivity of video calls, so I’m sensing that they are here to stay.

How am I doing?

As I predicted earlier in the year, I have continued being part of teams because I enjoy working with others. I have increased my professional work with teams in the first half of the year, and it’s been re-affirming that I need that type of work on a regular basis. I’m currently planning a new event with a church committee, organizing play dates, and some sports team events and details. I know this work comes easily to me and plays to my strengths.

I’m feeling optimistic and happy to be out and about, catching up with contacts, getting work done, and enjoying summer fun too. Life is good! Compared to last year, I am taking time to appreciate a busier summer and more activities.

Mid-Year Goals

If annual goals stress you out, don’t fret: just work on mid-year goals to finish the 2021 strong and set yourself up for success in 2022. Go back to your business plan, checking your performance metrics, making adjustments, and planning for the months ahead. Check out the 2021 Marketing Roadmap for inspiration, if needed. In comparison to year long plans, marketing calendars are more flexible. Don’t be afraid to switch up tactics or A/B test messaging in your campaigns.

Summer is a great time to hit the re-set button, professionally and personally! Perhaps when you’re on vacation, inspiration will strike you. And you’ll return to work with fresh ideas and perspectives on how to end the year.

If you need help coming up with a pro-active marketing plan for the end of the year, please reach out for a free marketing coaching call.