A Marketing Coordinator is like the Best Duct Tape

Marketing Coordinator is like the best duct tape

“Cathy, you are the duct tape for us.”

That’s what a client told me at their big recognition event.

It was so sweet to hear. I’m glad to help their all-volunteer board with ongoing marketing support for several years now.

I am like duct tape, like the best duct tape.

As the marketing coordinator for this small non-profit, I am an all-purpose helper at their annual recognition event, filling in and helping everything in the event stick together to run smoothly.

From giving direction to photographers and videographers to running an errand for some last-minute printing, I am happy to assist the committee so that the night is enjoyable and successful. During this most recent event, I operated the slideshow, moved furniture into place, and even bussed some dishes from a head table (why not?!).

I do this out of the spotlight to help others and get the job done.

It’s not about me; it’s about everyone else.

I am here to serve.

It’s part of my why:

To bring people together so that we can help one another create something even better.

Sure, I help create brochures, invitations, social media copy, and all forms of written content, but it’s really about helping people and organizations look and sound their very best.

I love helping plan, communicate, and promote. These are all parts of marketing that I have enjoyed throughout my career.

Sticking with Marketing

The duct tape comment made me realize that I have stuck with marketing because it suits my strengths.

In my work life and volunteer life, I gravitate to planning events and leading committees. I like the energy of events, being together. There is the last-minute rush to solve problems, assign volunteers, or do whatever needs doing, and also taking time to enjoy the moment. It’s all great. Plus, I feel a sense of satisfaction at the end of the event, knowing that I played a role in making it happen. And I take time to reflect on the success while noting what could happen differently next time.

I know that I’ll keep showing up, working hard, doing my best to support events, one of the elements of a marketing mix. After all, it is part of being like the best duct tape marketing coordinator.