Marketing Helps a Growing Firm

An area transportation and logistics company poised for growth wanted to know how marketing could help their business.  The trucking and third party logistics industry is an incredibly competitive industry, so it’s difficult to find ways to stand out.  

Through an introduction from a trusted connection, Greg reached out to Cathy Olig at Appeal Marketing.  Greg shared information about the company’s aggressive growth targets and history. In turn, Cathy explained how she helps clients with marketing, meeting them where they are and making improvements in their marketing plans, communication, and promotion.  

In the end, Greg and co-owner Scott determined that Appeal Marketing was the right partner to help map out a marketing plan to support increasing awareness and customer acquisition.

Solution: Collaborative Process Yields Marketing Insight

Appeal Marketing created a timeline with three phases to support marketing plan development: 

  • Phase 1: Provide questions to company leadership, lead strategy session to review
  • Phase 2: Conduct outside research to draft a plan, present plan draft
  • Phase 3: Finalize marketing plan with recommendations for action

Face to face conversations helped uncover key insights. As a result, the client better understood their ideal customer, refined their focus on target industries, and highlighted a smaller number of specific services.

Appeal Marketing’s final marketing plan provided clear, actionable recommendations and a suggested timeline.  

Implementing New Marketing Tactics

Greg and Scott were so pleased with Appeal Marketing’s plan that they decided to move forward with a recommended tactic, a website re-design and logo refresh.  

Cathy engaged her team of graphic design and web development experts to manage the project scope and timeline to coincide with the company’s upcoming groundbreaking ceremony for their new facility.

Keyword research directed Appeal Marketing’s content writing and web design.  With clear product objectives, target markets, points of difference and positioning, the company’s website content came together more easily and succinctly. As a result, Greg and Scott had minimal edits to Cathy’s draft.  

By applying best web design practices and incorporating client feedback, the web developer delivered a slick looking, custom WordPress site.

Logo concepts reflected the company’s down to earth, responsive personality.  The team quickly narrowed down options to choose their favorite design. 


Greg and Scott broke ground on their new building with a new brand identity and new website that looks modern and appealing. Though it was their time to shine during the groundbreaking ceremony, Greg even gave a shout-out to Cathy and Christoper for their marketing and web development work.  

Take a look at the new site on the top compared to the original site on the bottom.