Appeal Marketing Joins Menomonee Falls Chamber of Commerce

Menomonee Falls Chamber Member

Appeal Marketing recently became a member of Menomonee Falls Chamber of Commerce.

The reasons and benefits to join have become more evident over the past year.  According to owner, Cathy Olig,

Since I’ve been a Falls resident and avid volunteer for over ten years, it made sense to join the Menomonee Falls Chamber of Commerce to become more active in the business community.   Several contacts have encouraged my involvement, and I’m looking forward to meeting new people, sharing ideas, learning from fellow business owners, and helping where I can.

The mission of the Menomonee Falls Chamber of Commerce is to provide “services and support to encourage the ongoing economic development in the area. We accomplish this mission by bringing together business and community leaders to promote, develop and support the economics, educational and civic interests of the community.”

Appeal Marketing sees alignment with its own mission: partner with small businesses to help drive growth through marketing.

There is also alignment with Cathy Olig’s personal goals of giving back to the community and continuing professional development.

As I’ve seen through volunteering and working with clients in the area, we have a very supportive business community in the Falls.  It’s wonderful to see businesses partnering with non-profits and the schools to make a difference in the community – and I want to continue to be part of that.