Celebrating Working Moms

Cathy Olig, mom, marketing consultant with her kids

I love being a working mom! It isn’t always easy to juggle work, home, family, school board, church and other commitments, but I do my best to balance priorities and make it work each and every day. Working moms, I see you, and I celebrate you!

Did you know that Milwaukee now has a Working Moms of Milwaukee group? I attended one of their networking events at Rec Room Craft Co. and ended up in their promotional video (created by the Style Up Group):

It really was a fun networking event, and I love seeing all of the momentum that Working Moms Milwaukee is gaining.

  • Governor Evers proclaimed March 12th as Working Moms Day
  • Many companies hosted events and special promotions for working moms on March 12
  • An official Mom Owned Business Directory

If you’re looking to meet and hangout with other super moms, I’d definitely recommend checking this group out!

Now a bit about my family: my two kids are now eight and ten years old. In my career, I’ve done a bit of everything – worked full time, part time, and stayed at home. I love being in charge of my schedule as an entrepreneur, so I can better balance the to-do lists of each day. My kids often say that I’m ALWAYS on my computer, but I really try to work hard and protect some family time each day, so we can connect and talk about our days. Perhaps this drawing says it best on how my son perceives my work:

An 8 year olds view of Appeal Marketing
My mom works at Appeal Marketing and helps people fix problems at their business or work or house.

Well, he does get some of it right! I do enjoy talking and communicating to help businesses and organizations fix problems or improve their marketing efforts.

How do you balance family and work? What do your kids think you do? Comment below and let me know!

Cheers to all working moms!