Coming up with a Business Name

Appeal Marketing Vertical Logo

Naming a business is difficult.  It takes time to come up with a name that both describes your purpose and has longevity.  When you’re a business of one person, this task seems even more daunting.

How did I come up with Appeal Marketing, you may ask?

Here are a few steps:

  • Lists on my phone and hard copies
  • Time to reflect, write out some copy
  • Help from friends and family
  • Google and Social Media site research

An idea can come to you at anytime, so I kept track of business names on a list app on my phone.  I had some hard copy lists that floated around my house as well. We took a road trip while I was brainstorming names, so I had plenty of time to review them with my family.  Bouncing ideas off of family, friends and colleagues was invaluable.  Even though I am in business by myself, I am not alone in this endeavor. Once I landed on a few names that I liked, I played around with some copy to see what sounded good.

Before making my final selection, I did a bit of research on Google and several social media sites to see if my name was available for a domain name and potential twitter handle.  I also checked with the State of Wisconsin’s Corporate Records to see if potential names were already in use.

Why Appeal Marketing?

I wanted a name that was unique and like-able that would convey that it’s easy to work with me. I’m very approachable, down to earth, and friendly, and I’d like my business name to reflect that. My marketing work will certainly appeal to your customers too!

For those who have known me for some time, my maiden name is pronounced peel, so Appeal is a nod to my former last name. After all, I was and always will be “a Piel.” When I shared the list of potential names at a family gathering, Appeal Marketing was the clear favorite as the room let out a collective “that’s the one” response.

As I kept on formulating my business plan, Appeal Marketing just seemed right, so I knew I had selected a business name well.

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