Make your Marketing Stand Out

Marketing tactics can sometimes fall into the trap of doing the same old thing. This approach is fine provided businesses measure and realize results. If marketing results are falling short, then it may be time to re-evaluate and try something new. Marketing should stand out from the rest of media that is all vying for customers’ attention.

Stand out in the mail pile
Would you open this envelope?

This blue envelope in my mail pile of weekly shoppers, ads and magazines did just that. My first reaction was, “Nice, did I miss a letter?” It came unaddressed, so I knew that wasn’t the case. Still, the shiny silver foil sticker make it look intriguing….interesting enough so that I would open it.

Marketing should make customers pause and want to engage.

Inside was a Special Invitation from AT&T.  Now I have received numerous invitations from them – invitations from savings, special offers as a preferred customer, exclusive bundles of high speed internet, U-Verse cable tv, and home phone, which have been tv & online banner ads, inserts, direct mail, bill inserts, and letters.  I think I have covered all of their tactics that have reached my home. Many of these tactics have largely been dismissed, but the blue envelope was a nice, new approach.  The colors matched the brand identity, reinforcing the message and offer of previous campaigns.

My key take-away: don’t be afraid to try something new, but stay true to your brand. 

While I’m not inspired enough by AT&T’s special invitation to call up customer service and order now, I am still thinking of their brand, which is what they want.

Not every business has the marketing muscle of an AT&T, but I would encourage small businesses to re-think their marketing plans if the results are not there.  Guerilla-type, unconventional ideas can certainly surprise and delight customers or prospects and ultimately pay-off in the long run.

What marketing have you seen lately that has caught your eye? I’ll keep my eyes peeled for appealing marketing ideas!