5 Ways to Thank a Customer

5 ways to thank a customer Appeal Marketing

During the holidays, it is a common time to step back and truly celebrate gratefulness. While we all may be thinking of family and friends as we prepare for Thanksgiving, we should also think of ways to thank our professional contacts.

In the spirit of the season,  here are 5 ways to thank a customer.

Handwritten Note – this is an oldie, but a goodie! Who doesn’t love receiving a handwritten note?  I recently received some handwritten notes of congratulations for being appointed to the school board.  They so unexpected and definitely appreciated.

‘People Underestimate the Power of Saying ‘Thanks’ – so reads a headline from the Association for Psychological Science.  In the article, researchers Amit Kumar and Nicholas Epley, who conducted their study at the University of Chicago, shared that card recipients often experience more happiness than the card writers anticipate.

It only takes a few minutes to write a card that can truly brighten someone’s day.

Give a Gift – Many companies are already onboard with this idea.  Companies frequently send gifts to customers around the holidays.  Incorporate your branding with a promotional item that includes your logo.  Need some ideas on what other organizations are giving?  Here are some examples of promotional products that help say thank you.

Say it with Food – Who doesn’t love food as a gift?!  I’ve been part of many marketing departments that received numerous edible goodies from service providers.  Personally, I’ve sent cookies to as a way to say thank you. However, I don’t bake them myself either…I’ll save that for the professionals! I’ve worked with Gina Marie Cookies, a local non-profit organization that donates their profits to four local charities.

Say Thank You Year Round – Don’t wait until this time of year to express your gratitude – do it regularly throughout the year.  Take a look at all of your customer touchpoints: website, emails, proposals, presentations, invoices and more.  Do they include a message of thanks?  It can be as simple as “Thank you for your business,” or something more reflective of your brand’s personality.

Be Giving – Consider supporting causes of your client’s corporate giving activities.  By listening and following your customers’ social feeds (or simply talking with them), you can donate to their philanthropic efforts as a form of support.

This idea reminds me of the Seinfeld Episode where George gives out holiday cards that say a donation has been made to the Human Fund, a charity he made up.

Here’s what happens when his boss finds out that the Human Fund doesn’t actually exist:

While George’s situation is quite humorous, I think that supporting a non-profit that is relevant to your customers or community is always a good idea.

What do you think of these ideas?  How do you thank customers not only during the holidays, but all throughout the year?  Comment below with your thoughts!

Thank you for reading, following and being part of the Appeal Marketing tribe!