How to Avoid Freezing Out Your Customers

Lessons from the Polar Vortex

Extreme cold weather has me thinking about how to avoid freezing out your customers. Sometimes marketing and communications efforts get stuck or set aside at times. Lack of consistent touchpoints can hurt your relationships with customers.

If your marketing frequently freezes up, get in touch with us. Many organizations reported that they delay marketing efforts or cancel them altogether when business is booming. “We’re too busy to market,” they say.

Our response is typically, “Well, what happens when business slows down. How full is your sales pipeline? Will your marketing be ready when you need it most?”

Truthfully, marketing is not a “one and done” kind of activity.

Consistent communication with you customers and prospects helps tell your story, build your brand, and strengthen relationships with stakeholders. One our our clients shared that their regular email marketing simply helps their customers think of them. A recurring email, consistent social media presence, or even direct mail keeps you and your company top of mind.

Who doesn’t want or need that?

Sometimes another set of hands is just what you need keep marketing projects moving forward. Let’s talk if you need some help cozying up to your customers this winter.

Lessons from the Polar Vortex

Remember the Polar Vortex? Being cooped up inside reminds me of COVID times!

During the polar vortex, I recorded a quick one minute video sharing how I managed at home with my kids for a few days, while keeping important work moving forward.