Email Marketing Helps Build Relationships

Cathy Olig of Appeal Marketing works on Email Marketing

Email marketing is alive and well even in 2019. 

It’s one of the only spaces where customers are opting-in to join your list and has a greater likelihood of being seen compared to digital advertising or social media, depending on the algorithm.

In fact, Facebook page reach has declined about 2% year over year, so a post on average is only organically reaching 5.5% of page followers.

A study that looked at over $1 billion in sales on black Friday indicated the email provided the highest conversion rate over search and social media channels.

In fact, for every $1 spent, $38 is the average ROI for email marketing.

Email Expert

That’s a strong case to make sure your email marketing efforts are in place.

Even Ann Handley agrees, saying in 10+ Marketing Predictions for 2019 From Top Marketers

Organizers will treat their email newsletter programs like the rare and precious flowers they are, in need of regular tending and attention. Thank God.

Ann Handley

She uses her personal email newsletter as a way to talk to her audience and has achieved remarkable results.  

Email marketing helps customer relationships

Is your email marketing working?  Sometimes you just have to ask.

One client shared that a survey we sent through a recent email marketing campaign confirmed that two-thirds of their customer list enjoyed receiving a regular company newsletter.  We also received feedback on the types of content that customers wanted to read about in company emails.

An incentive to take the survey, Milwaukee Bucks tickets, also indicated which customers would be interested in future basketball tickets.  My client frequently takes customer to games as a way of showing appreciation and building relationships.  Instead of trying to randomly think of which customer to call next time they have sporting event tickets, the owners now have a smaller, more manageable list of interested customers.

This anecdote is in line with this study where 80% of small and medium sized business owners reported that email marketing contributes to customer acquisition and retention.

Time to Get Personal

As you may have noticed yourself, more and more emails are being personalized, which is a great way to increase click thru rates.

Personalized emails receive transaction rates that are 6x higher than others.

Experian Marketing Services   

Just look at this one that I received:

Personalized email Constant Contact

Have you noticed personalization in you own inbox? Do you open then more frequently than non-personalized emails? Chances are you do!

Email is Evolving

In line with more marketing automation trends, email is evolving to include more advanced targeting features. For example, click segmentation is a way to send emails to recipients who click on a specific link. An auto-responder series of emails sends out pre-built emails on a specific time schedule.

For example one auto-responder series might include a welcome message with a link to a survey, followed by a message “thanks for taking our survey” and another email that includes an overview of company capabilities. That’s one way of personalizing who receives which email when without manually managing the process for each individual name on your list.

Another feature I frequently use is the “re-send to non-openers” from Constant Contact. It automatically re-sends your message to contacts on your list who have not yet opened your email. You can schedule when the email is re-sent and even change up the subject line. Check your results to determine when your contacts open emails and identify which subject lines generate more opens.

Want to learn more about email marketing with Constant Contact?

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