Mom Marketing: Right on Target

Sometimes you see an ad and think that it was created just for you.

As a mom, I have felt this way with Target ads. They speak directly to me and my fellow moms, as well-executed ads should resonate with its target audience.

Mom Marketing Example

I came across these Target ads in Real Simple Magazine.

Target Ad: Time for a Me Time Run
Yes, please! I’ll take a Me Time Run!

What mom doesn’t want more “Me time?” Instead of just running errands, a mundane shopping trip to Target can be a slice of “me time.”  In a quick, convenient “run,” a mom can easily check off her to-do list and treat herself by picking up some of her favorite things.

Going on a Target Run? ad
Another Target Run ad in the series includes a magnetic shopping cart

This next print ad certainly stood out while turning the pages of Real Simple magazine because of the magnet attached to the ad. Here’s a close-up of the cart:

Target Run magnets
Build your own shopping list

Using Promotional Products

The magnet is one way to bring the ad out of the magazine and into your home, specifically on your fridge.  The kitchen is typically the most heavily trafficked part of a home with the refrigerator being the main attraction. Plus, magnets are among the 91% of promotional items that are kept in the kitchen, according to the Promotional Products Association International Research.

Having a stainless steel fridge, I wasn’t able to hang it up, which was a downside, but I still like the concept.  Customers could easily post these magnets and take a picture of whatever items they needed on their shopping list for their next Target Run. The circle magnets also remind customers of the grocery items available. Moms (myself included) dig one-stop-shopping and getting errands out of the way.  The red color, basket style and shape, and bull’s-eye are easy to identify as the Target brand.

Run and Done Campaign

While even corporate knows that some Target Runs are not quick in-and-out trips, the Run and Done campaign emphasizes that you CAN get what you need, almost to encourage shorter, more frequent trips to Target. A Bullseye View blog post, “Just Used the Last ___? TargetRun and Done,” talks more about the campaign that launched just in time for busy spring and summer months.

When school’s out, stay at home moms have less available time for a marathon Target Run with entertaining or shuttling kids around to activities, play dates, or sports. The quick run concept is likely all that a mom can fit into her busy schedule. In fact, I remember doing my back to school shopping by myself one Saturday morning at Target, and it was glorious! Run and DONE to get ready for August!

Right on Target! This campaign is a hit.

Target really knows and understands its customers, and as a result creates amazing advertising.

What can your company learn from solid brands like Target?

Related Resources on Mom Marketing

Want to learn more about marketing to moms? Here are some interesting resources that we came across:

How to Build Powerful Mom Brands is a video and post by Graeme Newell of 602 Communications, a firm that specializes in emotional marketing. This specific post discusses the emotions and psychology that drives moms to buy.  Target ads are aligned with this brand research.

The Red Baron War Stories ad is a fun portrayal of a mom as the hero.  The Baroness character exchanges war stories with a mom, who saves the day with a great dinner. It’s funny and spot-on with the brand research listed above.  Moms like to be viewed as smart, problem solvers, who can quickly run errands or make a meal that everyone in their family will eat.

What other ads have you seen that effectively targets moms?  Comment below and share!