New Year Goals

Cathy Olig wishing you a bright 2020

Are your new year goals ready? 2020 is now upon us!

Have you had time to reflect on 2019 to celebrate your accomplishments, both personally and professionally? I’ve found a lot of value in looking back, analyzing data, appreciating where you’ve been, and then moving forward to set additional goals for the year.

I’ve already talked with clients who have or are in the process of updating their business and marketing plans based on last year’s results. This is such an important step, and if you aren’t doing it, I encourage you to carve out some distraction-free time to make it happen. Without well-defined goals and plans, it’s easy to lose focus and get caught up in reacting to what each workday brings.

Our friend Ben Franklin has said it so well:

If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail. - Benjamin Franklin

In order to practice what I preach, I’m sharing my own reflection on 2019 and goals for the New Year.

2019 Pride Points

I’m proud to share that Appeal Marketing hit our growth targets, working with some new clients and continuing work for existing clients. I really had fun mapping out a marketing plan and teaming up with a talented graphic designer and web developers to build a new website and refresh the brand of a growing transportation services company. Additionally, year-end appeals I helped create for an area non-profit generated strong results.

Outside of client work, I completed the Leadership Menomonee Falls program, helped re-launch the Women in Manufacturing – Wisconsin Chapter, attended numerous seminars and webinars, continue to serve on the School Board of Menomonee Falls and volunteer in my kids’ classrooms and at church. It’s been great!

Surrounding myself with positive people, incorporating some mindfulness practices, and unplugging during family time have truly made a difference in helping to find more balance in my life.

How has your year been professionally and personally? Have you taken stock yet? I hope you have much to celebrate!

Looking ahead: 2020 Goals

Last year, I resolved to be more present. And I’ll continue to embrace this resolution in the New Year. I have not set a specific resolution for 2020, but I am tying my goals to My Why.

To bring people together so that we can help one another create something even better.

Bring people together

As a people person, I naturally gravitate to teams, committees, and networking events! I’ll continue to participate in:

Create something even better

It takes planning, time and effort to create anything: a website, written content, visual design, events, service experience, and better relationships. In 2020, I’ll focus on:

  • Helping clients strengthen their marketing and branding efforts
  • Creating more content and consistency for Appeal Marketing, including a better lead generation process and email newsletter
  • Working with a committee to create a board book to promote early literacy
  • Making a positive contribution to my community, school district, and church

Measuring Success

Each project requires metrics upon which to track progress. Under each of these goals, I’ll create more specific, SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-Bound) in partnership with clients or committees.

There you have it – a quick reflection and forward look into 2020. I am excited to continue to work hard with wonderful people, and keep on learning and growing in the coming year. Cheers!