Thankful for my First Client

Thankful for my first client

LinkedIn informed me that it has been three years since I started supporting my first client, the Greater Menomonee Falls Foundation. Looking back, I am so thankful for my first client because, at the time, I wasn’t sure that I wanted to start my own business. Just one client gave me the confidence to forge onward and establish Appeal Marketing in April 2017.

Here’s a bit of background on how it all started:

Back in 2016, the GMFF needed a marketing project coordinator. I found out about the opportunity from a GMFF board member who was on a similar volunteer committee with the school district. The GMFF marketing committee and board members interviewed me and several others and ultimately decided to work with me. I was thrilled with the opportunity to help make an impact in my community, and I continue to be proud to continue to support foundation efforts.

The Scope of Marketing Support

The volunteer-led board needed a “jack of all trades” marketing coordinator to help support the non-profit foundation’s goal of raising awareness in Menomonee Falls. This involved working with the marketing committee on planning, copywriting, updating the website, managing print projects, maintaining the database, event promotion, and developing and scheduling content for social media.

The GMFF only needed part-time marketing support with hours varying based on their annual calendar. I stepped in as a team member to help keep projects moving forward and provide just the right amount of marketing support.

Key Accomplishments

Together the Greater Menomonee Falls Foundation has raised its profile in the community. I’ve worked with the committee to improve website content, publish three annual newsletters, and grow a larger social media following on Facebook. Followers have increased over 200% since 2017 with very little ad spend.

New GMFF brochure cover
New brochure for the GMFF

Our mission and vision received a refresh, so it is easier for community members to understand why the foundation exists.

Mission: A platform to invest in meeting community needs now and in the future.

Vision: Charitable Giving. Lasting Impact.

We just recently upgraded the GMFF brochure to make it easier to understand the benefits of giving and numerous giving options. I helped incorporate numerous opinions on older drafts into a creative brief and rough draft for a local designer to work her magic. Together, we came up with a beautiful end-result that more effectively shares the foundation’s story.

I’m proud that I helped write about the largest donation that the foundation has ever received. Read about how a surprising basement find would leave a lasting legacy for Menomonee Falls.

Assisting with Recognition and Fundraising

I assisted the events committee with the annual recognition event and fundraiser since 2017. Here I am with Katrina Cravy, who was our emcee.

Katrina Cravy was the emcee the 2017 Ovation event, pictured here with Cathy Olig

I am inspired by the work of so many non-profit organizations that receive grant funding from the Greater Menomonee Falls Foundation. Since its inception in 1991, the GMFF has donated to almost fifty different organizations, donating $110,000 in the past five years alone.

In 2019, I attended Ovation as a foundation marketing coordinator and grant recipient as a School District of Menomonee Falls School Board Member. I wore many hats that evening.

In addition to grants, the GMFF recognizes outstanding volunteers with leadership awards. I love sharing the stories of those honorees and am so proud to be part of this community with so many giving volunteers.

The GMFF recognizes outstanding leaders for their service.

This work aligns with my mission: to bring people together, so that we can help one another create something even better. I thrive when I’m part of a team that helps make a difference in our community.

Perhaps the greatest sense of accomplishment I’ve had with my first client is hearing kind feedback from the marketing committee chairperson:

Testimonial from my first client

Looking ahead, I’m thrilled to play my role in increasing awareness and giving to the Greater Menomonee Falls Foundation.

If you are part of a smaller organization or business that needs a jack of all trades marketing team member to fill in, please feel free to reach out.