What’s your Why?

Cathy Olig's Video My Why

I may be a little late to the party, but I took some time to check out Simon Sinek and his TED talk at the urging of my mentor. I worked through the book Find your Why to come up with my why, or mission. This involved reflecting on my life, and coming up with several memories that helped shape me into who I am today. I then shared those stories with a friend, who took notes and helped identify key themes that developed my why.

Here’s a brief video where I share my why:

What do you think?

To bring people together so that we can help one another create something even better.

I live out my why by:

  • Partnering with small businesses and solo-marketers
  • Understanding their goals
  • Connecting the right people to the right project
  • Providing the right amount of marketing support that achieves results and helps them ultimately market more confidently.

In summary, my services help clients make their marketing plans, communication, and promotion even better.

Similarly, in my personal life, I enjoy working with others to affect change in our schools, organizations, and communities. I am a serial hand-raiser and joiner because I like to be involved. I believe we are all in this life together, and we need one another to make things better. To pull a line from camping, we all should strive to leave our campsite (or small part of the world) better than how we initially found it.

The values that I live by are ones that also drive how I act in my company. These are my “hows:”

  • Inspire action: rally people around a project or cause
  • Build teams: bring people together, utilizing the best skills of each individual. Together we’re better
  • Do the right thing: when no one’s watching, make the decision that provides the most help and the best end result
  • Be kind, respectful and positive
  • Work hard: do what’s needed to get the job done well and on time

If you can relate or feel even somewhat inspired, comment below! Have you worked on your own mission and values? What was that process like for you?