Change your Perspective

Blog Post Change your Perspective Appeal Marketing

Drastic situations can often help change your perspective. They can help you re-evaluate, and reconsider what is most important at a specific time. I have experienced such a drastic situation most recently and even throughout the pandemic. We all have, right? My Drastic Situation: A Home Emergency What happened: kitchen pipes burst overnight, flooding two […]

Don’t Wait – Just Create

Dont Wait Just Create Appeal Marketing Blog post

Don’t wait – just create. That has a nice ring to it, right? Haven’t we all experienced this? Getting that first draft of anything started can be a tall order. It’s easy to set aside daunting tasks, writing included. Procrastinating, however, does not make a difficult task any easier. Just start. Start writing. Start creating. […]

Communication Tips for COVID-19

Communication Tips for COVID-19

Chances are you have already heard about COVID-19. I’ve received countless emails with COVID-19 and have reviewed and sent some as well. Any good marketer will tell you that communication is important. In times of crisis, communication is critical. Here are a few communication tips during a crisis: Keep your audience at the forefront Utilize […]

Maximize Content Creation from Events

Since event planning can take a lot of time, it’s critical to find ways to maximize content creation from events. What does this mean in its simplest form? Find a way to document and record your event participation: take pictures, jot down notes, shoot a live video, and monitor what other people are saying about […]

Email Marketing Helps Build Relationships

Cathy Olig of Appeal Marketing works on Email Marketing

Email marketing is alive and well even in 2019.  It’s one of the only spaces where customers are opting-in to join your list and has a greater likelihood of being seen compared to digital advertising or social media, depending on the algorithm. In fact, Facebook page reach has declined about 2% year over year, so […]

How to Avoid Freezing Out Your Customers

Lessons from the Polar Vortex

Extreme cold weather has me thinking about how to avoid freezing out your customers. Sometimes marketing and communications efforts get stuck or set aside at times. Lack of consistent touchpoints can hurt your relationships with customers. If your marketing frequently freezes up, get in touch with us. Many organizations reported that they delay marketing efforts […]

5 Ways to Thank a Customer

5 ways to thank a customer Appeal Marketing

During the holidays, it is a common time to step back and truly celebrate gratefulness. While we all may be thinking of family and friends as we prepare for Thanksgiving, we should also think of ways to thank our professional contacts. In the spirit of the season,  here are 5 ways to thank a customer. […]

Over-communication is Almost Impossible

Over-communication is almost IMPOSSIBLE

A “one and done” method to communication just doesn’t cut it today. A brief story will explain that over-communication is almost impossible. Over summer I received a long text-only email from my daughter’s little league that challenged parents to become move involved. A second email from little league a few weeks later announced a new […]

Appeal to your customers: Solve their Problems

Appeal to your Customers Solve their problems blog post

Smart marketing is everywhere! It’s easy to see a great idea from one company and find ways to replicate it for your own business. Because I love what I do, I’m always wearing my marketing hat and looking for inspiration and new ideas for my clients. My most recent inspiration came from water balloons because […]

Aligning B2B Marketing and Sales in Electrical Wholesale

Aligning Marketing and Sales Image

How closely do marketing and sales work together at your company? Often sales and marketing function as separate silos, which can lead to duplicated efforts and inefficient use (or even non-use) of marketing materials. Communicating and jointly planning efforts significantly improves marketing and sales alignment. My experience as part of a joint marketing and sales […]