How to Avoid Freezing Out Your Customers

Lessons from the Polar Vortex

Extreme cold weather has me thinking about how to avoid freezing out your customers. Sometimes marketing and communications efforts get stuck or set aside at times. Lack of consistent touchpoints can hurt your relationships with customers. If your marketing frequently freezes up, get in touch with us. Many organizations reported that they delay marketing efforts […]

Marketing Lessons from Girl Scouts

Girl Scout Cookie Order Form 2018

As a parent, I’m in the middle of girl scout cookie selling season, and I couldn’t help but come up with a few marketing lessons from the girl scouts. I’ve had some good conversations with my Brownie aged daughter, and I can tell that she is definitely learning from cookie sales. Limited Time Offer One […]

2019 Resolution: Be More Present

Cathy Olig's New Years Resolution video

A New Year is an exciting new beginning. It’s full of promise. There are resolutions, goals, and predictions about what the year will hold. I especially liked this round-up of 10+ Marketing Predictions for 2019 from Top Marketers. Everything from voice search, video, social media platforms, to augmented reality, data privacy, and even email marketing […]

Appeal to your customers: Solve their Problems

Appeal to your Customers Solve their problems blog post

Smart marketing is everywhere! It’s easy to see a great idea from one company and find ways to replicate it for your own business. Because I love what I do, I’m always wearing my marketing hat and looking for inspiration and new ideas for my clients. My most recent inspiration came from water balloons because […]

Lessons in Entrepreneurship: Reflecting on Year 1

1 year cupcake for Appeal Marketing

Appeal Marketing celebrates its ONE YEAR Anniversary! It’s hard to believe that one year ago, I hit “submit” on the State of Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions website to officially form a LLC. As a small business owner, I’ve certainly learned a lot in year one and continue to learn each and everyday.  It’s been […]

Aligning B2B Marketing and Sales in Electrical Wholesale

Aligning Marketing and Sales Image

How closely do marketing and sales work together at your company? Often sales and marketing function as separate silos, which can lead to duplicated efforts and inefficient use (or even non-use) of marketing materials. Communicating and jointly planning efforts significantly improves marketing and sales alignment. My experience as part of a joint marketing and sales […]

5 Tips for Marketing your Dealership

5 Tips for Dealership Marketing, Appeal Marketing

Dealerships are busy places! This is among the understatements of the year, right? I experienced this firsthand early in my career with Ford Motor Company, when I called on thirteen Lincoln / Mercury dealerships in my sales territory of Akron – Canton. Like any small business, there are competing priorities and limited resources, which pulls […]